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Voice over Pete refund

I placed an order for voiceoverpete and his account got banned and FIVERR DIDNT EVEN GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!!! I spent $50 on this and there actually not gonna give it back!? It’s not my fault that they decided to ban him so why should I get punished for it???

The whole voice over Pete situation is a bit of a fiasco. Maybe try sending a message to Fiverr CS.

Fiverr likely won’t refund you as all refunds take the form of Fiverr credit. However, because of how much publicity there is around this matter, it is worth a try.

Also, since you have your $50 in Fiverr credit, you could use this to your advantage. There are lots of video and voiceover artists on Fiverr. Capitalize on Pete’s PR by using your credit to create an even bigger, next generation meme. Just avoid asking for sellers to make references to credit cards.

One idea for a script could be:

"Attention all gamers.

John Snow needs your help. Winter is coming and he needs your first born child to help him fight the Night King’s army of the dead."

Or something like that. Just make sure to pick someone who you wouldn’t expect to see reading a script like that like a clearly confused about the whole thing beauty vlogger. It could turn into meme gold, it could be a failure. Pete was kind of legendary, after all. However, it is something to consider. .

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"Attention all gamers.

Alphys needs your help! Sans and Papyrus have stolen all of her Mew Mew Kissy Face volumes, and have locked Frisk in their room for a twelve-hour viewing party. Only you can help by cooking their favorite dish, spaghetti with ketchup for pasta sauce. Ask your mom before using the stove."

God, that hurt to write.

If you really placed an order with him, it’s been canceled and you just need to be patient. They will refund it as Fiverr credit when they resolve things (as cyaxrex said) but you can have it refunded to your payment source. The ToS allows for a limited number of refunds to payment source for every buyer. Just contact Support and wait until they resolve it.


Hi @anthonygerar448.

For everyone’s privacy, we don’t disclose information about seller/buyer accounts. We will be in contact with buyers that have been impacted. If you have not been contacted, you can also reach out to our support group for any help with Gig purchases.