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Voice Over & Profanity


I was wondering if anyone in the voice over genre here on Fiverr has ever accepted a job that asked you to use profane language.


Is there a reason you are asking?


Yes there is a reason. I’ve noticed that a good portion of the voice over artists on Fiverr mention that they will not do any voice over work that has profanity in the script and I was wondering as to why that was. Many video games, animated movies and other forms of entertainment sometimes require its voice over artists to use profanity to either narrate a particular part of a story or to bring out the personality of a particular character. I’m not advocating disrespectful tones, I was just wondering whether or not it was allowed because certain types of work in this field may ask for it.


I have and do voiceover with certain profanity. I do a lot of character work…military, agents the like and for realism profanity is a prerequisite.
I won’t read vulgarities for the sake of reading them only for character work part of a larger body of work.
I’ve done an audio book or two on Fiverr where the character drops the F, B, S bombs often.
F*** it! It’s voice ACTING! :smiley:


It’s a personal preference.

I am new to the Fiverr VO community, and have noticed the same thing. There is no written code, but rather personal preference to what they record.

Like @markusvoice , I will do work every now and then with profanity (mostly character work).


I truly appreciate your response. I share the same feeling, “it’s voice acting”. I personally have no problem with the use of a profane word or two, if used in the correct context, I just found it a little weird that so many people on Fiverr down right refuse to do any scripts with profanity it and as a new user I was curious as to why and whether it was a rule, one that I thought I may have missed while reading the terms of agreement for the site. I understand that it’s all a matter of personal preference but, like you mentioned, it’s voice acting so profanity is bound to make its way into a script here and there.


Thanks for your response as well Logan, I appreciate it, really helps me out with navigating the do’s and dont’s here on Fiverr. I just wanted to make sure that there wasn’t a rule about accepting work that requires the use of profane language that I may have missed. I, like yourself, have absolutely no problem with using profanity as long it’s for the right reason and purpose.


I use profanity like some people use commas. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


LMAO, in my personal life I cuss like there is no tomorrow. It just seems so natural to me to use profanity and everyone around me understands that this is who I am. It just seems that certain curse words adds a little bit, sometimes a lot of bit, lol, of emphasis on what I’m saying and how I feel it needs to be said. Once again, I really appreciate your response to the thread.:facepunch:
P.S. I’m using the facepunch emoji as a “Fistbump”. Don’t want anyone to think that I’m promoting violence, lol.


I curse all day long. It frees ones spirit. There is no walk with my dog where I don’t say “Stop sniffing and keep f****** walking” or “What the f*** are you eating?”

The legend says that when I left my mothers womb the first thing I said was: “What the f**** are you all staring at? Turn that f****** light out!”


I’ve never had a script with profanity… but if the context is right, then hell yeah!


Oh, no… I will not record profanities, because it’s not acceptable in Chinese culture. I don’t want to be in trouble! Even it’s somebody else’s script, I am still accountable…:scream:


I will never be able to out cuss my beloved mom.


I am not a VO artist, but having seen only one big incident, this is what I would say about this topic: I think that any ordinary “swearing” that is in context for the project is not a big issue. If you were to get an order where someone wanted to order a VO or video using hate speech in any form, though, that can be a problem. There have been issues before with sellers who accepted orders for extreme remarks.

I think most people can differentiate between “cuss words” for a game or other commercial application and actual hate speech. Anyone who did get a request for racist or other hate speech terms could report it to Customer Support and get advice.


LMAO, that’s some funny S#!T. I definitely feel better after I let out a slew of curse words when I’m bothered or if I’m really excited about something. Thanks for the response, always appreciated.


Same here. I remember when I was a kid my mother and Godmother were notorious for cursing. I truly believe that I curse the way I do because it was a part of my upbringing. Now, we all knew, as kids, never to repeat any of these words because it would be the end of us, lol. We got called all types of MF’s as kids, especially when our parents were angry, it was a different time way back when and no one stressed out about parents cursing at their kids, especially if it helped to keep them in line. Thanks for your response, always appreciated.


No doubt, I agree. Thanks for the response!


I would never read a script that prompted hatred towards anyone or anything. I just found it a little weird that so many VO actors here outright refuse to do it, but I guess to each his/her own. Thank you for your response, it was greatly appreciated.


Yes, yes I have. I am more concerned about content as opposed to profanity. As long as it is not hateful or sexually explicit, I am ok with it. Sometimes necessary for a fictional piece, other times for emphasis, Like flverr’s “get shit done thing.”


And like fiverr’s “oh SH*T!” when you get a page that isn’t there.

Didn’t they take out the i from their slogan?