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Voice over quote conundrum... please help!


I’ve never quoted a large project before, and I was curious what you would offer someone for a project that includes: 10 sections avg. 700 - 1000 words each.

Should I do a flat rate? Should I do hourly? I think I’ve already misquoted… by offering $280 for the whole thing (assuming it takes me 5 hours s $56 an hour) of recording/editing in total for all 10 sections. I don’t even know if it will take 5 hours. Basically my question boils down to… How long would something like this take you (with editing dead space, and other vocal mishaps) and how much would you charge?



For me on Fiverr, I try and keep it simple for me and my buyer. I charge a base price for the voiceover of 100 words for $5. Approximately 1000 x 10 files would cost $500. If you have a gig extra for splitting the files, that could be an add-on, but in this case, I’d include it.

There’s so many variables that can affect how much you can voice/edit in an hour, so I personally would not quote based on it.

Some would say you should charge less for a long narration, but if you’ve done very much of it, then you know that it can be a challenge to keep the same tone, pace, inflection, and energy throughout the read. I’ve done tons of it and speak from experience.

Also, editing can be quite tedious on a long narration, even if you do punch and roll. At least it is for me, because I’m particular about my audio.

None of this may help you right now if you’ve already quoted your price. However, don’t sell yourself short in the future.

Best wishes on the project!


I charge MORE for longer scripts rather than giving a “bulk” discount. As @sophiesvoice said, it can be tedious to keep up with. I’d rather do 10 $50 orders than 1 $500 order when it comes to the editing, recording, etc. In my case, this would be at least $500, perhaps a little more. It’s a lot of work!

Either way, I’d be sure to send over a sample of the first few hundred words so they can give you feedback or approval. That way you don’t do all the work and they ask for a different tone. The customer benefits too because they may be nervous spending that kind of money, and by giving them a bit of the work ahead of time they can know they’re getting good work. You can watermark it if desired but since they’ve already paid and you’re giving them a small part, it may not be needed.

Congrats on the big order!


I couldn’t agree more on both points. :grinning:


That’s about $1,000 for me. I base everything off the word count, the editing etc are built into the base rate.


I charge normally 5$/80 words and for longer projects, 5$/110 words.
File splitting is 10$/500 words independently of the amount of splits. Audacity does most of the job.

In your case I’d simply count all the words, find the basic rate and add the file split.


I would also suggest to charge by word count. Plus gig extras for separate files.

Also, it’s always a good idea to split larger orders into various smaller ones whenever possible that way you are protected in case things go wrong.
Good luck :wink:


That’s smart. Never thought of that, but it’s not a bad idea, actually.


I’d also quote based on word count - so giving them a flat rate much easier that way :slight_smile: I also agree with @radie16, send them a short section first, so they can approve the tone/voice style before recording it all. I’ve never split jobs into smaller ones, just done it on one custom offer (even for large orders) and never had any issues - touch wood! Good luck!