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Voice Over Reduced Orders

Hi Fiverrer’s

I’m very interested to know if anyone else has seen a dramatic slow down in orders or interest in their long standing gigs.
What is going on? Fiverr customer support is also taking for ever to reply to simple requests.

Yet again I’m scratching my head, as most of my anylitics don’t show a slow down in impressions…

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I imagine that voiceover gigs are not something someone would order long term or on a frequent basis. Speaking for myself only, I have what I need at the moment and it will last me a long time, and I guess I will only order again once I have a project that warrants a new voice/voiceover. Maybe your potential clients are currently in the same spot. Add to that that the market in that area is getting more and more saturated.

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People come back all the time…
I’m refering to organic orders
This is more like a post Covid slump.

Depends on the market your in. In my case, covid helped me quite a lot and I don’t think it would have been possible without it. Now you need to examine the main reason people order your gig, perhaps because they do short movies or commercials…If the main reason got affected by covid really badly, perhaps you have your answer but you can never be certain.

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