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Voice over revisions?

Please only respond if you do a voice-over gig.

What do y’all include as a revision? I offer 1 change of pace, tone, mood etc., plus any mistakes that I have made (mispoken words, missing sections, etc.).

Changes to the script itself are not included and the buyer must buy a new script if they want me to re-record new words.

But where do you draw the line?

I just completed an order of around 2,500 words. Due to the nature of the script, it took longer than usual to edit. I spent about 4 days on it altogether. The buyer is great, and lovely to work with.

The’ve just requested a revision and they want me to basically re-record the entire thing. I did make a couple of mistakes (three words were missing altogether I believe) however most of there complaints were about things like upward and downward inflection or vocal fry (I have listened to the recording again and in my opinion the vocal fry is barely noticable, I made an effort not to speak with ang vocal fry at all). All in all, the annotated script they sent me for reference had FIFTY notes.

I’m a bit in shock because I’ve never received a revision request like this from a client. I have no problem re-working the script, I’m just wondering what y’all would do in this situation? If the buyer requests another revision after this, what should I do? I offer 1 free revision but this is the first time I have EVER run into this situation so I’m a bit baffled.

Thoughts? Am I being a cry baby? :joy:


It’s a difficult one.

I only offer revisions on my mistakes generally.

I never re-do changes in script without payment.

It sounds like they’re being overly picky, in my opinion - might be worth seeing what you can get away with by just replacing the bits you think need redoing and see if they push back.

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Most times i offer revision on little changes what it not my fault.

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Unfortunately they’ve specifically asked me to re-record most of the sections because the pace is too quick.

I just remembered though that when I sent them a sample last week, their only note was to avoid vocal fry. They didn’t say anything about the pace… so I recorded at that pace for the rest of the script.

I’ve said I would honor the revision request and re-record, but I feel like I have to get it absolutely perfect now and I’m not sure that I can.

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You can do it!

It’s disappointing they didn’t tell you about the pace originally.

@cubittaudio has a great PDF on their gig detailing what is and is not a revision in their gig - maybe we should all have something similar?

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To be honest, I think this is all I needed to hear :joy: I am feeling really defeated this week with orders. I had another long-time client get back to me and say that my latest work was basically underwhelming… I feel like I’ve just had such a bad week for some reason. And worse, when I listened back to this latest recording I thought it sounded amazing - surely my ear can’t be that off?

that’s actually brill, I may add one to mine as well. Now we just have to figure out how to get buyers to read our gig descriptions :joy:

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Your ear won’t be. Everybody thinks they’re an expert when it comes to voice overs. Typically, they aren’t.

Just chalk it up to a bad week - and move on! 99% of our customers are wonderful - but we also dwell on the negativity of the 1%…who underpay, are totally rude and massively unreasonable,

I agree. You can’t make them read it - but it make it so much easier to push back and say ‘no’.

You can do it!

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Thanks lovely :heart:

Thanks @personalletters for noticing! You and @gwyneth_galvin (and any other VO artists) are welcome to use the document as a reference for writing your own should you wish to.

For us, we don’t offer free revisions. We know others do, we’ve just chosen not to. It’s pretty much the one ‘rule’ we’ve always stuck to on Fiverr. We obviously allow some flex with this. I (Tom) did a read for a guy last week. It was low budget, and he’s asked me to record one line of 3 words again. I haven’t charged on this occasion. But in general, we always charge for revisions.

Incidentally, the problem @gwyneth_galvin is facing is the exact reason why we wrote the document. VO instructions are often ambiguous, and more often than not, contradictory.

The amount of times we’ve had a script that says ‘friendly, upbeat, professional yet conversational, not salesy, neutral British accent with a Northern twang etc’… The problem is that what I hear in my head when I read that could be totally different to what other people hear. If buyers have a specific tone in mind, we ask them to give us an audio reference - they can point us to one of our own demos, or a YouTube video, or send a recording of them saying it how they want it recording.

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Currently got an order for ‘personal’ use - even though it’s an advert and the customer is whiteboard animator…who won’t pay the commercial rights.

This’ll be fun!


This client actually referred me to 4 of my sample recordings, which were similar but not really the same. I guess I should have taken that as a red flag.

Oh god :roll_eyes: I just can’t deal sometimes. Make them pay!

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It’s impossible to make them sadly!

I just wait the inevitable ‘my client wants revisions’ and I’ll get the money then!

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