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I have a “buyer” who places orders, and after I deliver, then requests a cancellation…NOT a redo. He just ordered again (after claiming he was unhappy with two prior gigs). It’s obvious he already has the finished product and doesn’t want to pay. This is going to wreck my fiverr rating.



Make sure to communicate with your buyer and offer him/her a revision. At the same time you can contact CS and provide screenshots. They will either back you up or will tell you to sort it out with the buyer.

You might want to consider not to take on any other projects from this buyer until you sort things out with the first order. Best of luck!

Your advice – not to take on any other projects until the first issue is sorted out – makes so much sense. That is the /logical/ thing to do… but unfortunately, sellers don’t have any choice in who orders a gig. We can’t block a seller or reject an order unless it’s through a cancellation. There’s no “approved by seller” process wherein a buyer submits relevant information and the seller clicks a button that says “Yes, I agree to do this.”

I’d love to see Fiverr give sellers a bit more agency in the whole process. We should be able to decline gigs and block buyers from ordering.

It’s one thing if a buyer purchases a custom offer without approval, but buying straight from the gig page is often a problem because buyers try to skirt the system or purchase a cheap gig and ask for extras /after/ starting the gig but then don’t want to pay for them. It’s a headache for sellers.

So, tl:dr – your advice won’t work because Fiverr doesn’t grant sellers enough agency to defend themselves against scammy buyers.

You are right. The only way to do this is by telling the client that you prefer not to take on any other projects at this time and by sending them a cancellation request. They might not like that but it’s the only way to go.

You may also post a thread in the “Suggestion Box” category for Fiverr staff to see.

Yes, asking nicely does work sometimes.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if people trying to cheat the system continue purchasing even when sellers ask them not to. I had that issue, so I bumped up my prices a lot to prevent them from buying without my “permission.” I mean, if you want me to record for you and I don’t want to and you insist on purchasing anyway… at least I’m making triple or more my usual rate! Luckily, that dissuaded further contact.

Ah yes, the trust suggestion box! Will go take a peek.