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Voice Over video on my gig is being compressed to ruined levels

Hello everyone, I’m Kody a new voice over here on Fiverr. I’m having a problem that is causing my chances of doing anything successful here to plummet. My main gig video, containing an example of the quality that I’ll be providing my buyers is compressed to the point of sounding like I’m using a USB microphone, which would only turn most interested buyers away. Other voices on the site don’t seem to have this problem with their gig videos, in fact they’re audio is at the quality of mine before I put it on Fiverr.
So I want ask, do any of you have a solution? Fiverr support suggested using an alternate video format and I have, to no success. Searching for answers on google gives me nothing but advertisements and I’m almost out of hope.
Any advice is well appreciated.

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