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Voice Overs Beware of Spam Message

Hi Fiverr’ss

Please be aware that this inbox message is getting circulated. It’s pretty much structurally the same. I’m currently getting 3-4 of these a day. Never open cloud links, I would advise. I can almost guarantee it’s a virus or unwanted advertising.

" Sir,
I Need A Lot Of Work.
I’ve been interested by watching your gig.
You are perfect for my works.
I will pay you for every work.
To know the full details of the work, Please Download PDF File
Download link:

--------Thank You--------


Thanks for the warning. Is it a message that comes in your Fiverr inbox or you receive it on your email? I think buyers are not allowed to view your email adress you’re using for your account. Or are there leaks? I’ve also never seen something like this. Can you share a screenshot of the website? Or can you inbox me the link? I am curious to check it out on my virtual machine. I can’t get viruses that way.

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I changed it , inbox message

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Ok, can I have the link? Can you send it in inbox? (Not here)

No they censored the link
In my post

I see. It’s not allowed to share in forums. Don’t you still have your messages in your inbox?

I do , in my spam folder

Thank You so very much Steve for that eye opening piece of advice.

As a newbie here I would have fell for such a tactic. I am glad that there are members like you and others here that are willing to give sound advice to the newbies like me.

I am looking forward to having a successful side line business with Fiverr once I am established here. I have only been a member for a few short days. I am looking forward to learning and earning as much as * can.

Again Thank You kind Sir!*

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