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Voice Overs - "This is a computer generated voice over"

I get one of these comments from a customer every two or three weeks - and it’s both frustrating and incredibly offensive.

I got one today from somebody who yesterday left a 5 star review. I’ve sent them the raw unedited file to prove my point, highlighting breaths etc.

I don’t know why anybody would think this is an acceptable thing to say to somebody who is doing their best to help!


I’ve had this a couple of times too. It’s honestly so rude that it makes me cringe.


Try to not take it personally and instead try to get some more info.

Since more than one buyers made the same comment, maybe there’s something there that you can change or improve.


It’s not.

It’s consistently non-English speakers who write in short, disjointed sentences. As I charge for proof reading, I read what’s on the page too - so like a computer wouldn’t know if something is wrong or not, I record what they ask me to - correct or not.

Or possibly the fact they record the voice over after they’ve done everything else, video etc - and then try to make my voice fit into something they should have really built around my voice.

You can tell a Text to Voice generator - typically it won’t have breaths in - I’m always sure to leave a few in now, just so I can point them out.


That is normal but don’t take it as offense.

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I doubt it. It just means that more scammers know what buzzwords to say to try and get a refund. Alternatively, it could be one scammer with multiple accounts.

In writing, people start friendly then switch to evil after delivery saying “You wrote this with spinning software.” In video I get, “I can’t see the video,” and occasionally, “the video is broken.”

In almost every case, the buyer can be identified as already using work by publishing content on their site.

LOL. These are usually the same people who reject writing deliveries because “ur english not gud.”

You might want to say in your order requirements that for context it is a good idea for buyers to give you a link to their website. I do this (and I legitimately need it when creating things like a sales copy). In doing so, I know where to look when a buyer pulls this kind of stunt. If they have published what I have delivered, they then get a full brief from me concerning what is going to happen next. (Not good things.)


I find it really rude.

The life of a freelancer, huh?

Soon AI will do perfect voice overs, so don’t stress to much.

I don’t think you should take it as offensive. Just means there’s some people who are really skeptical of this stuff

That happened to me today too! Also from someone who had just given my 5 stars 2 days ago. He then asked me if I had “proof” I wasn’t a robot. I sent him the raw file as well as un-did the last 100 moves on the VO and sent him the un-edited file, clearing my throat, messing up, etc…then he said okay how about I re-do it (I do offer 1 revision) and sent me a new script. The new script is shorter, so I said okay. I usually wouldn’t record a whole new script but he sent me the finished vid of the last job I did for him and it had his website info on it. Since he didn’t purchase any kind of rights for either vo, I figure I can at least check to see if he is using both VOs?

That sounds almost offending. I had a voice over gig when I started on Fiverr and I can understand how that may feel.

I visited your gigs to listen to your delivered samples. You are a fine professional indeed! I listened carefully to your voice overs. Maybe I am wrong but I think what that customer said is due to your special accent. People all over the world who are not so familiar to this kind of British acccent might get suspicious. I would suggest that you mention in your gig description that buyers should listen to your delivered audio under your gig-image prior to ordering.

I hope that helps

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Thank you!

You might be right, I should perhaps write a bit about where my accent is from.

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But it is offensive - because it’s implying that we’ve scammed them by using a computer generated voice to just read the text instead of putting our own time and effort and work into it. It’s also very rude because it’s saying that your voice doesn’t sound human, and it sounds robotic. CG voices sound awful, which is WHY people turn to humans for VOs instead of computers, so you’re being told your recording sounds bad.

It’s like if a writer was told “you used computer generated text”. It’s offensive, because computer generated text is awful and nonsensical most of the time. It’s insulting to both the quality of the work provided, as well as the intentions and morals of the seller.

Of course, it’s fine for someone to just dislike the quality of your work, but these people have HEARD your voice repeatedly in demos, so they know what it sounds like before they order. That’s why it’s particularly rude, and seems very obvious that they’re just trying to get free work.


Also, in my experience, when I’ve been told that they think my voice is computer generated - what they mean is that it sounds too flat/unenergetic/too monotonous, and they just want a more upbeat take with a bigger variation in inflection. I’ve never had complaints after redoing the voiceover in this way after being told it sounds “like a robot” etc.


How could anybody mistake a human voice for a computer generated one? There is nothing similar to it.

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I don’t think so.
Voice need emotions! Robots don’t have this,and they will never have.
Do you accept a robot to read you news, or a love story?

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That’s what bothers me.
Some people really don’t know the difference! :confused:

Surely robots/software wouldn’t need real emotions to create a convincing voice over in different styles eg. not flat/monotonous etc. They probably don’t have the ability now, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t in theory be possible, though it could be a very long time until they could do it accurately/totally convincingly all the time/no matter what VO text or style was required. Surely they’d just need to be created to be able to create the voice overs in those styles, eg. through having the right algorithms/data/training and ways of specifying the styles to use eg. at various points in the VO.

Maybe it’s best to always deliver the raw file along with the final edition together.

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I’m going to start doing this.