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Voice Overs - "This is a computer generated voice over"

Some people are just rude!

The things I read about on this forum are so stupid. Claiming a human voice is a computer generated one is ridiculous.

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It really happens!

It’s heartbreaking at times!

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Every day I’m amazed by the things sellers have to deal with.

One person sent me a message asking I would record myself coughing and choking.

People are weird.


How disturbing. It’s awful that you have to deal with stuff like that.

That was a one off - 99% of people are great - but the 1% are hard to deal with.

I’ve currently got one person who came back after an order being complete for 12 days saying they want a refund as they aren’t happy!

It’s so difficult to be polite and give them bad news knowing that if they lodge a complaint I have to jump through hoops just to keep the money I made for an order I delivered promptly!

Oh my god. This is the rudest possible response.

I had someone request a revision once, and their feedback was “I thought I was ordering a voice-over from a real human. I didn’t realize I was purchasing a computer-generated robot voice”

I almost fell over. I just killed them with kindness and said “I am so sorry you were disappointed with the voice-over I provided. I have personally never received such harsh feedback, but I appreciate you taking the time to explain what I could improve on.” etc. etc.

I think I ended up cancelling the order bc sod working with somebody like that.

I can take criticism, but there’s no reason to be downright mean.


I didn’t even know that was a thing. I guess I better start leaving some breaths in!

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And/or use this suggestion if they ever say it’s a robot voice:

Also you probably don’t need to leave the breaths in the (final) one you send as the original delivery. You could just send the original unedited version if they ever question whether it’s a robot voice, or if you wanted you could send both like has been suggested.

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I get this every two or three weeks too, so you’re not alone! I genuinely can’t understand how a buyer can mistake a human voice fora computer automated one, but it seems to happen a lot. And, for the record, I have never used a computer generated voice. It make me wish that I hadn’t;t bothered with any of the editing.

I know exactly what people mean when they say it’s a robot’s voice, but that doesn’t make it any less insulting. I can usually fix the audio when they give this feedback, but it still stings a bit to hear it! No biggie, just a bit rude haha

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Yes, thanks, they will make good companions one day.

It’s horrible isn’t it.

I wouldn’t dream of being so rude to somebody.

I’m a little late to the party but this tread has been on my mind for a while! For me, I always try to maintain a natural sounding inflection in every voice over recording, but a voiceover is only as good as the script. But it’s not just non-native English speakers who struggle with copy-writing and proper sentence structure. I’ll often get projects that request a natural, conversational sound but then you open the script and it’s full of buzzwords, product “features”, technical jargon and more. And the script contains no contractions. I’m pretty sure that in everyday conversation, no one says “it is” or “do not”. Never mind the fact that I personally have never said the word “Introducing” when having a “conversation with a friend”.

As a vo talent, there is only so much one can do with a script that was written to be read and not spoken.


People buying voice overs on here generally don’t know zip about compression, limiting, debreathing , and what not . They will often tell you what it is that’s not working for them … However …
If a client says it sounds robotic after you deliver it with no explanation as to what they disliked about it. Don’t engage or apologize. Tell them you have reviewed the recording and found it to be perfect. They are entitled to a revision if you offer one. Normally a client who says it’s ‘Robotic’ will have nothing good to say about anything you have done if quizzed. Why they do this is not something that keeps me up at night.

If you know that your brilliant at what you do, don’t let anyone shake that belief. If you were :poop: you would not get reviews or sales…


Something is going on that has to do with that person who leaves a bad review. It’s the psychology of the person that is the real problem.

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Same for me. Some buyers from other countries may expect a more animated voiceover because that is what the market demands there. In the US, the market is demanding a more conversational and natural tone. It seems un- natural to be so upbeat that it sounds silly. I just try my best and get more into my acting voice. Also, in the US, the preference can be a very “chill” voice but to an untrained ear or different culture, it may sound robotic or flat. It happens to all of us. Just focus on the clients who love your work.

This is so true!! If I get a sense that a script has poor grammar or is confusing, I will ask the client if I can make a few variations because American English sounds a bit different. I will record a version with their horrible buzz- word filled, WOW, amazing, you have to have this product right now, what are you waiting for script…then record a version with my slight changes. Most of the time, they like my revisions but probably because it feels more natural for me so it just overall sounds better. Clients appreciate the time you take to make modifications even if they don’t use them. At least you are showing that you are a professional and take the time to help make their project perfect.

I actually had a script that was so confusing and hard to read, I had to ask a family member to read it and they couldn’t understand it either. I asked my wonderful client if he wrote the script and he invited me to give my opinion. In brief, I explained that if the narration was going to be for American tourists that the narration may be confusing and that most American tourists need simple, straight forward and clear sentences. I also said I would hate for the project to be confusing to American tourists and I only want the best for the narration. Anyway, he was grateful for my feedback but I am thinking they still used the complicated script.

I got this too! So weird. The client left a 4 star review saying “obviously a robot but thank you.” It was a clean, as-requested VO but had breaths and several takes of the same line. I was flabbergasted honestly and didn’t think it was something that other VO sellers got.