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Hello fiverr! My name is Shai. I have been recording voice-overs in English and American accents for almost 3 years and have voiced for a number of radio and tv commercials. I will record a professional voice over for your video, application, commercial, or anything else that you may need. I Have a professional Home Recording Studio which allows me to get on your job within hours of you ordering it.

I will record up to 225 Words for $5.00. I will add 100 more Words for additional $5.00. Let me know your needs and we can tailor a package for your needs.

First 225 Words 1 Job = 5$
325 Words - 2 Jobs = 10$
425 Words - 3 Jobs = 15$
525 Words - 4 Jobs = 20$

What You Will Receive:

The audio file in any Audio Format that you want or multiple formats if you need.

Please make sure that you Spell check your Script before sending over to me. I will read EXACTLY what you send me.

Adult/Provocative content OK

Include any pronunciation guides for names, terms or non-English words.