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Voice Talent Looking For Work

I’ll be honest, I have no formal training in the field and not a lot of working experience, but if you need voice talent I’d be happy to take on any project.
Link to gig in case you’re interested:


In my opinion, not necessary to mention the word “amateur” at all. And then again, why would you say you are that or just starting? Just record as many different “voice over” demos, like reading a book, having something with several characters, if that is your thing, put them out there, learn how fiverr works, learn ways to promote yourself and see what happens.

Usually buyers go away from sellers who use the word “amateur” or “I am just starting”, or even from people that charge incredibly low prices for their gigs. All of that may pass as low confidence in your own work, and its not a good message to pass.

BTW I like the quality of your recording, speaking from pure technical point of view. It is better from some “more experienced” voice overs I’ve heard.


@jonathon_bosley Share your gigs in social media!

@bmsurujuddin Why do you say that, do you share your gigs on social media and get plenty of sales like that?

@audioboon Thank you for your advice and your complements
The only reason I say “amateur” in the title and have my prices low is lack of actual experience, I don’t want to have my pricing and whatnot to make me appear as if I have years of professional experience under my belt, for right now this is my gateway, see if I can make five dollars from this kind of work, and work my way up as I become more experienced.
If you think it would be a good idea to raise the prices a little bit and change a few keywords I’m not against the idea, I just want to veer away from what might feel dishonest.