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I have tried as a new Voiceover Actor to post my craft and solicit offers. Fiver says that I must upload samples of my work, I’m assuming they mean audio files with my work. I am a new VO actor, I don’t have any samples yet, how do I proceed, still working on demos. My VO Coach/Agent suggested that I use Fiverr to get a few gigs to get me started and then with the buyer’s permission, list those gigs as samples of my work for my use on my website, my pay to play sites and of course Fiverr. Anyone have any suggestions?

After completing the basic gig details and uploading pictures of you doing the work, or of your workspace, you’ll be invited to upload a video. You get 60 seconds, so make them count.

Try visiting the site of Edge Studio and look for their script library. Grab a few scripts and just create some sample voiceovers. They also have a nice peer review section in case you’d like for others to critique your work. It’s a great resource.

If you need background music, go to youtubes audio library (you’ll have to google it since I can’t post URL’s here). They have a variety of royalty free music tracks and sound effects that are all free.

Once you have a few samples, create a video (you can’t upload just audio samples) with an intro of about 80 words (about 30 seconds) that introduces your gig. Then take segments from your VO samples to fill the remaining 30 seconds of the video. Fiverr’s video limit is 60 seconds so you want to be careful you don’t go over.

If you can’t create the video, consider hiring a video editor here on fiverr to put it together for you. Just be sure to let your editor know that you can’t exceed 60 seconds.

I hope that helps.


Just make a little Intro video even with just a still photo and your voice. Welcome people to your Fiverr page and tell them what you can do for them. Anything merely so people can hear what your voice sounds like, that’s the main thing.

I am not sure about the quality of how you record things, but then you also need to give a sample of what you will be giving people from a technical stand point anyway. You say you are still working on your demos so does that mean someone else is physically making them for you? Or are you mixing them and doing the tech work yourself? What will you be actually providing to Fiverr customers?

However you plan to create that, do a sample audio file introducing yourself right now, add it to a Powerpoint/Keynote file even with just a still photo of yourself if you have to, then save/export it as a video. Or use iMovie or whatever video editing program your computer has on it.

I can’t add anything to the great suggestions you have received but I want to wish you all the best here on Fiverr as a voiceover artist. I do the same and I really enjoy the people I work for here.

sliverfox voiceovers

I do studio quality animation here on Fiverr so I require top quality performances and recordings from all the Voice Artists I work with.

Here are a few of the Fiverr sellers I work with that do AMAZING work so you may be able to learn from them in how they have set up their gigs. chrishardy, ruanna3, andymuzic, matthewwade, vitojamieson. These guys/gals are my GOLD standard.

Only demo what you can actually deliver. If you only deliver dry voiceover then do not over-produce your demo with effects. For longer demos many VO peeps put up longer demos on YouTube.

Don’t undersell yourself. 50~200 words for $5 is more than worth it for a high quality recording.

Use the best mic you can afford and keep down the background noise. I do all my temp tracks on a Blue Snowball with a home built micro recording studio of a two foot by two cardboard box lined with pro acoustic foam (total cost $25 + $90 mic). If you can afford more then do it!

The biggest problem I have with non-pro recordings is background echo and peaking on the high end. Pro recordings all have fat waveforms with no peaking. Delivery in stereo 2 channel WAV is the best IMHO.



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