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Voiceover Artists, New on Fiverr!

This is my first Gig,
share yours too.
feedback and review matters!

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I took a look at your Gig.

It looks a little bare.

I’m not sure what you should add to fill it out, but I don’t get much information on you or the Gig.

I would also suggest you change your timeline to 2-day delivery from 1-day delivery.

For me, a former radio broadcaster with 23 years of experience in that industry, if you are going to zip off something like a 30-second spot in a day, it’s only because you have a ton of other production stacking up and you need to get it done.

In other words, it sounds like 1-day delivery could result in a “rush job” which would turn me off as a Buyer.

The voice overs you will be doing are not meant to be “zipped off” but to be lovingly created and that takes time.

Anyway, I hope this helps.

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Welcome to Fiverr!

I listened to your audio demo and you have a very distinct accent and style of intonation that is not conventional English American, which is the accent it is currently listed as in your gig.

Your gig description text is very minimal and you lack a FAQ to describe your revision policy, any material you are unwilling to perform, accents or voices that you specialize in, anything about commercial or full broadcast rights, etc.

You can definitely expand upon the details as there isn’t much at the moment.

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Thanks for your feedback, really appreciate it.
I will definitely try to work on it.


Good replies so far. Your profile is a bit bare and what is there feels rushed. “Dubbing, Announcements, IVR, etc”. Flesh out the etc :slight_smile:

You say you try to meet client expectations. Clients want to know that you WILL meet their expectations, it goes without saying that you’ll try. We can’t please everyone for sure, but you want people to order your gig so give them confidence and certainty.

Many sellers offer 1-day delivery. I offer it as a gig extra and turn it off when I’m very busy. It can suggest that you don’t have much to do and would rush the job out. It’s also good to give yourself time to make sure you’re able to get that voice warmed up and spend some time reading scripts before recording so they don’t sound too much like, well, a read.

Do consider what accent to list. As enunciator said, yours isn’t conventional American English. Why not also add a demo in your native language alongside your English demo? And about demos. If you have 10 years of VO experience can you add more examples? Give potential buyers as much as possible to listen to. You can add up to 4 to your gig.

Broadcast rights, commercial rights, FAQs. Consider adding some. Trust me, if you get the orders rolling in you’ll soon get tired of only making $10 a time. Voiceover is physical work and can be very tiring. Bump up your extras!

Good luck on Fiverr!