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Voiceover Coaching


Hey folks, a lot of us advertise our voice acting or voiceover service on Fiverr, but I’m offering a service to YOU, the VOICE ACTOR! We all should be seeking professional development but it’s expensive and time consuming. I’ll give you quick feedback on a short 30-second file anytime you want. It’s like having a cheap coach at your fingertips!

I’m a working, booking voice talent with national commercials, video games, TV shows, documentaries, corporate narrations, and much more on my resume’. I’m also an expert communicator, with a long military career and a masters degree in education. Let me help you get more work as a voice actor!


Very interested in your service! If you’re still in the Fiverr market, I’d love to chat.


This account appears to have gone!


A pity! Oh well - I shall keep my eyes peeled for more opportunities