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Voiceover Commercial Rights


I was just wondering. Do i need commercial rights / broadcast rights from the voiceover artist here on Fiverr?

What is the purpose of my voiceovers?

  • I have setup a YouTube channel, which i intend to monetize at some stage.

However, but i have no intention to promote my channel using paid promotions or broadcast it on a local/international Tv Channel.


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You’re asking as a Buyer, correct?

There are dozens of threads on this topic. Here are a few for you to read through:

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Technically the moment you are using the work of one person to benefit yourself (or another - but why would you be doing it for them if it wasn’t to benefit you somehow) you need rights assigned and royalties are due.

If I were to walk down the road dressed as Iron Person, singing Thunderstunk, to promo my boss’s Pizza Hutch my boss is using DC’s Avengers franchise assets and AC/DC’s assets to bring value to himself. He should definitely be paying DC & AC/DC for the leg-up this gives him.

From what you say this is indeed a business you are running and the voiceover work is part of your sales infrastructure. Therefore the performer definitely has a right to ask for one or all of:

  • a lump sum,
  • ongoing royalties
  • visible credit (his name on the video)
  • to show in his portfolio

In real terms though it comes down to individual agreements. In that situation I would look at your YT Channel and decide if you were like:

  • Coke or Nike in which case it is all stops out, or
  • Nowhere Neville in which case I would probably take the initial fee and show the work in my Portfolio if the show looked ok. Maybe require a visible credit if I thought the show might bring me more business (but I also know that most times small players agree and then never do that so it is bit pointless - and they never succeed with such an attitude).