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Voiceover Editing

I’ve had some voiceover experience but am new to Fiverr. Generally speaking, are buyers looking for raw audio or edited audio? I always plan to do a basic noise reduction and can mix appropriate levels, but struggle to edit out all mouth clicks and pops. Can I offer a service without that audio editing element and be marketable here?


It can go either way. I’ve seen sellers who offer raw unmastered, unprocessed voice over audio at their base rate and offer processed de-breathed, mouth sound removed audio as a gig extra. The potential issue with this method is that you will almost certainly get buyers who don’t clearly read what is exactly being offered and will expect processed breath and noise removed audio as standard and will get peeved off once they receive the unprocessed audio, or get peeved off about the service “unexpectedly” being a gig extra and not default.

No matter how clearly a seller defines what is exactly being offered at a base rate, there will be buyers who will expect audio to be similar as to the sellers gig video or demo reel (which can also play against a seller since Fiverr lowers the bit rate and compresses the heck out of audio on gig page videos and audio samples).

Oh, and welcome to the Fiverr forum fellow voice actor!


Welcome to fiverr…


You offer a voice over service?
Or Editing V.O’s ?

I would brush up on your editing skill’s a little if your unable to remove such simple edit’s.
It is quite common to have these types of edits in V.O’s and recordings.

There are a number of ways to prevent this or cure it once recorded.

Also requires certain plug-ins or external equipment to carry out the edits, get clean recoding’s is the key.
Also not so difficult given the right tools.

Best of luck, and if you require any advice on how to do this. let me know.

Cheers Nico

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Hi Megan,

My basic package provides a clean file with noise reduction and normalisation plus all breaths removed. I don’t offer more than that as I’m not that savvy with more complex audio editing. I think mouth noise, pops and clicks is the bane of many voice over artists. Prevention is best of course, but some noise is bound to sneak in, especially over longer recordings or with last minute “need it yesterday” jobs that don’t leave much time to get fully hydrated.
The best thing is to drink plenty of water before starting work, I usually try for at least a litre, which is like a project in itself, but does reduce dry mouth. Additionally, I will keep a slice of lime or lemon by me and have a little suck when my mouth feels dry as this really get the saliva flowing. Tea is also good with ginger, fisherman’s friend and to keep the mouth slick, - potato chips or swigging a mouthful of olive oil. Gross but works.
I’ll then edit out any annoying pops or clicks that remain as long as it doesn’t leave a nasty audible void in the recording. For the most part, I can hear during recording when there has been mouth noise or clicks that are going to be annoying to edit out, so repeating that line there and then saves time.

Hope that’s helpful!

Surely the way to handle this would be to make the gig for raw audio - although you might edit out basic mistakes such as the dog barking and coughs for example, but you don’t add any processing.

You can then include processing as a gig extra - thereby giving the buyer the choice, and allowing you to upsell your service.

Years ago I used to do voice overs for a couple of satellite tv channels among others, and my clients wanted raw audio so that they could do the processing at their end.

While the comment about buyers ‘not reading gig descriptions’ is sometimes true, you can’t allow this to rule your life otherwise you would forever be afraid to sell on Fiverr. Just make your gig description as clear as can be.

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