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Voiceover peeps question

This is pretty much for the voiceover work people here as they’ll get what I’m on about. As I try to be a vague but specific as possible lol.

Is anyone else having issues with the “voice assistant” people appearing in buyer requests?

I filled out two orders for them and delivered but they won’t accept delivery (maybe because they already have the work due to the recording platform?) they’re super slow responding to messages, they post wildly fluctuating prices for the same project and when they do respond to a question (eg you said your budget was $50 and 1 day later it’s $200) they deny that the budget is changed even though I’m looking at the buyer request right there and I’m pretty sure that people are purchasing a gig and then reposting. Essentially asking people to do the work they’ve agreed to but getting paid less.

I’m probably not explaining that last bit very well but it’s kinda like

Person A: I will do this project for $50
Company to person A: Great we need this in 3 days
Person A: sends buyer request to ask someone to do the project and will pay $10
Person B: I can do this!

Person A essentially does no work but earns $40 and Person B, who could have been paid $50, does all the work and get paid $10

Outsourcing (what I think you’re describing) is commonplace on Fiverr both among sellers and buyers and sellers. If you’re willing to do something for the cheaper price, you can’t really complain. Of course, raising your prices may not change anything either. Like, if you charge $100, and someone else will make $400 to your $80, it’s the same thing. I wouldn’t reject the business.