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Voiceover Query

Can anybody tell me how to do this? whether it is audio or pictures? Ive seen it in the gig profile and in the profile of the seller.


This might help.

I saw that but I’m not getting it.

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Hi, that is “live portfolio” where things you have done for clients are displayed for all to hear. You set that to show, or not show, on your portfolio.

So if you do voiceovers, all the ones you have done for your buyers will be there for anyone to click on and hear or you can also turn off that feature if you want. Those pictures are displayed automatically, but your recordings of your voice can be heard when people click on the pictures.

Setting Your Live Portfolio
Your live portfolio is an important feature that allows buyers to see the work you’ve done on Fiverr. Buyers love seeing examples before ordering, so we strongly recommend having an active live portfolio for all your Gigs.

To disable your Live Portfolio and keep your deliveries private:
Once logged in, click Selling > Gigs.
From within the Gig list, click to open the drop-down to the right and uncheck LIVE PORTFOLIO.

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Just a thought, but you might want to be careful about using live portfolio as it drops all your jobs into public view. Not all, but some buyers do not like this. Many want their work to be confidential, and this exposes their job to competitors and copycats. In fact some clients will even make you sign an NDA prior to even letting you see the script. I have one client in the defense industry who makes me certify that I have deleted all their files from my computers after delivery.

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Oh so fiverr displays the portfolio for you if you want your work to be displayed? Cause I was looking for a way to display the portfolio myself.

Yes that is the way.

Wow. Valuable excellent point.

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:roll_eyes: You might have some very valuable info you could start a new gig with. Translate it into Russian.


Yes thats how it works