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Voiceover Request from Buyers


It would help sellers considerably if Fiverr included a “Number of Words” question for buyers when posting a new request. VO artists need a word count total to enable them to price the gig. If you surveyed everyone in this category you will find it almost the number one priority.


I think this is a good idea. Thanks for this suggestion.


they could literally add a “rate/word” line based on what the buyer had to put in. So, required:budget. required:word count. A little math and I can see that they are paying “x for y”. Then if they were really wanting to cater to the sellers (lol…right…) they could let me filter for the amount that I’d work for. So if I want to work at a rate of .25 per word then I wouldnt even have to look at requests that were a waste of mine and the buyers time.


Hi Matt
Yes that’s a good suggestion too. I’d like to see them improve something like this.


honestly, I believe that many buyers would take their order more seriously if they had to give those details. It would actually also be awesome if fiverr could say something like, “orders of this type (based on size/rate) typically find the best talent in this budget range” (with some proposed budget range)

but hey, i’m dreaming


Me too. I even believe BREXIT will happen! :grinning: