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Voiceover requested with vulgar language

I got my third voiceover gig order today (yay!), but…the script I was provided has lots of vulgar language and cussing that I just won’t do.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize I needed to add that in my gig descriptions.

How do I tell the person I can’t fullfill their order? I’m guessing that’ll mess with my ratings? (All 2 of my 5 star ratings, ha!)

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Cancel via Resolution Request.

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You could ask customer support to cancel it and tell them why and if you get real lucky it won’t affect your stats.


You’ll have to either ask the seller to modify the script or cancel and accept a potential hit to your stats. Always make sure to specify in your description AND FAQs if there are types of content you aren’t willing to record, or make it a standard to get buyers to send you the script beforehand. I’ve specified in mine that I’m generally willing to record most types of content, but to message me first if the content would be considered on the riskier side (explicit, religious, political etc). I haven’t had any issues using this method, although I’ve had to turn down 1 or 2 clients.

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Thanks for all the advice! I contacted the buyer and they totally understood, so we had Support cancel the order and refund the buyer’s money. I’ve updated all of my gig descriptions and FAQs, and also added a “non mandatory” requirement reminding any future buyer what I “won’t” do.

Should be good to go now! :slight_smile:


Great! Thanks for sharing your story. Many new voice-over providers might benefit.


It’s a bummer that you had to have a cancellation this early on after starting your gigs, but if it makes you feel better these are usually pretty rare. You’ll still occasionally get a buyer who obviously didn’t look at your gig before ordering, but for the most part I’ve found that voice-over buyers are pretty chill (based on what I’ve read about buyers in other categories :rofl:)

Glad you were able to sort that out and best of luck with your voice-overs! Oh, and congratulations on two for two five-stars!! X

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