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Voiceover sellers - what are your best tips for getting orders?


Hey, successful VO Fiverr sellers! I’m looking at you!

I have a formerly successful gig with 5 stars and great reviews. Problem is, I haven’t had a new order in 2 months.

I’ve gotten a lot of great advice from other sellers here on Fiverr, but I wanted to ask the VO community in particular: what are your best suggestions/tips for bringing in VO-specific traffic to your gig? To boost impressions?

I’d be so grateful to hear from you!


Promote your gig
In social media
Do it regularly
Feelings increase


Thanks for the suggestion! :slight_smile:


Maybe adding a well organized gig video might help. Buyers would be happy to hear your voice. I’m a new seller though. Think it works =) Good Luck!


Thank you so much for your suggestion! I already have a gig video as well as two additional reel samples available. But maybe I’ll tweak the video to make it Fiverr specific. :slight_smile:


Question on pricing for any seasoned VO Fiverr sellers:

Most sellers here on Fiverr suggest that I up my gig prices. I am not sure about this, because most of the top sellers in VO that I see here still have their $5 base price. I tried upping my base price to $10 for a week, then $15, but I only started getting new orders once I went back down to $5. I KNOW my work is worth more, but I feel like I’m not getting the amount of orders to merit the price increase, and to keep buyers coming in.

I DID, however, lower all of my gig extra prices. My base price, however, is still at $5.

Any suggestions?


Focus on a specific niche or at least create multiple gigs targeted at a specific audience.
For example, when I’m looking for a VO gig for a screencast narration then I search for “narration voiceover”. I get about 50+ gigs and I start going through the samples.

Your gig won’t show up because even though you probably offer narration VO, your gig is not optimized for that niche. The same goes for animation VO.

Go to search and type in “animation voiceover”. Does your gig show up?
If it doesn’t and it’s your strength then create a gig for it.

Another thing that has an effect on me is the VO artist’s personality. What makes your gig stand out?
Out of the 4 gigs below, I would probably pick the most expensive option because it’s unique.

Ask yourself, do you wish to appeal to an audience that chooses based on the price or do you wish to attract customers who are looking for something unique? If the latter then make your gig stand out :wink:


You might also wish to rewrite your profile info. Here’s how it comes up in Google search
The title is out of your control, but the description doesn’t say anything about what type of voiceover you do.

The tags that you’re using are

  1. You can use up to 5 tags so why 4?
  2. There isn’t anything specific about it. If a buyer searches “voiceover” how likely it is that your gig will show up on the first 5 pages? Why not focus on a specific niche and target that :slight_smile:


If animation VO is your thing then here’s what I would recommend

  • Partner up with an animator. Find someone that does animations and needs a VO artist. If there’s a mutual benefit then the cost won’t be that high. If you do a great job you might even get connections through him/her.
  • Do like 4-5 short cartoons with multiple characters to showcase your range.
  • Upload them to Vimeo or Youtube (these links are allowed)
  • Create a gig that targets animators who are looking for VO for their cartoons (there won’t be many, but if you hit the right keywords you’ll be at the top of the list)
  • Create another gig that targets an average Joe looking to make some kind of animated commercials(there are probably more buyers for this category, but with the right samples you can build your rep)
  • Link those videos back to your Fiverr gig

PS. You have a website that lists you as an actress/singer/VO artist, yet you have one single showreel on it.
Fiverr is probably not your full-time job, but if you go all out and follow a plan then you might actually make a decent income here :wink:


Uxreview…You are AMAZING! Thank you so much for all your brilliant suggestions!


It is 100% about your demo. For many years, I ran radio stations and hired hundreds of announcers, newscasters etc. Here’s the secret. People would send their tapes back in the day (now you just forward MP3). When we ran an ad in the trade magazines at the time, we would get 100 tapes in a week. Each person no doubt spent many hours agonizing over their audition tape (we called them airchecks), but the reality was we could tell in the first 10 seconds of listening to a tape whether it went into the consider pile or the trash can. Usually 95 went to trash and then we seriously listened to the remaining 5 many times to decide.

This is still the case, buyers can decide in 10 seconds whether you are as we used to say… “a contender, or a pretender.” Make that demo sparkle.


Your gig is amazing, Mike. As is your talent.

Thank you so much for your response!


Thank you, good luck.


Really great feedback here! Thank you for this info!


Great tips and insights :+1::+1:


@wayofthevoice and @microscopetrans, just a heads up that this thread is nearly a year old. Next time you can just use the “like” button to say thanks :slight_smile:


You need to stay online for 16 to 17 hours in Twenty Four Hours and share your islands in social media and stay in fiber forums and be sure to send a buyer request every time