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Voiceovers: How do you add delivered works to your gig page?


Hi all, I’m still fairly new to Fiverr, I noticed that some voiceover gigs will have the recordings of delivered works on their gig page with the buyer’s review showing as it plays.

How do you add this onto your gig?



Hi, mickeymic! Welcome to Fiverr!

The way to achieve this is to activate your Live Portfolio.

To do this, from your Fiverr Dashboard, click “Selling” in the upper left hand corner, and then click “Gigs”. You’ll see your voiceover gig come up, where it will show your impressions/ratings/etc. On the right, you’ll see a tiny arrow. If you click it, you’ll see a checkmark box entitled Live Portfolio. If you click it, your portfolio will be activated. :slight_smile:

My one problem with the Portfolio as Fiverr has it right now, is that we, the sellers, cannot choose which delivered gigs show up on our profile. Only the buyers can do that - and I’ve found that they very rarely do. This means that you really have no control over the content that a potential buyer sees - which, if you have MANY varied orders, isn’t always the best thing. When I activated Live Portfolio, the only thing available was a voiceover I did with a French accent, and a long, 30 minute delivery, large list of words. Not particularly ideal for attracting buyers. Haha! I hope that someday Fiverr will activate a portfolio feature for VO sellers where we can control the content buyers see. Until then, I hope Live Portfolio works for you!!


Hey thanks for that Hannah, appreciate the fast answer :slight_smile:

I noticed that when I activated the Live Portfolio and then viewed my gig as a buyer I still couldn’t see any of the delivered gigs. Is that normal? Would you instead need to sign in as a completely different person to view them?



You should have activated it before your deliveries.
Don’t worry, next time you deliver another order it will be added to your live portfolio