Voiceovers, voice impersonations, and singing!


Hi! I’m a fairly new fiverr member who is in high school and trying to make money for my college apps, etc. I can do voice lines in ENG, JP, and KR, and I can also sing! I made my first sale a couple of days ago. :slight_smile:


I can do:

  • Female & Anime Character Voice Lines
  • League of Legends Voice Impersonations
  • Song Covers (Message first)
  • Narrations & Monologues
  • Game Narration Lines (Such as an announcer/character)
  • Digital Art

Please check it out if you’re interested! I can usually do several voice styles, and can imitate a British accent.


Hard work is required for new sellers cz every buyers good rating gigs. So send offers dailly and remember hard work is key to success.


You’re in quite some niche with the Anime stuff, I’d say. But that’s a nice, original and “real” profile you have there. Buyers are going to find you (of course, don’t sit there, waiting).

(one from the nosy me)

And get the singing gigs up!


Hello there. I’ve just added singing gigs! Just waiting for the demos to get through approval.


Made my first sale recently!


Conrats! I just made mine pretty recently too! Things should pick up after the first one, especially after the first sale. At the very least, you’ll get more messages back from buyer’s requests.