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Volume Control on Gig Videos [Resolved]


If it’s possible technically, it would be nice to have a volume control when watching gig videos and not only on/off and, in either case, if it would stick to on/off/chosen volume when you go on watching other gig videos until you change it again yourself.

ETA: Chrome browser now has a volume control, very nice :slight_smile: . The volume resets to max still when you look at the next gig, but to have an option between on/off is great, thanks!


Hi miiila, I found it a bit tricky uploading my video’s, I’m not great with tech and was concerned about the sound if people could hear my gig and if the video quality was good enough. I think that’s a good idea though to have a sound control option.


You could easily find someone on Fiverr who can handle either the visual or audio production for you. If your video or audio quality is “just OK” you will miss some business.

Great sound or video won’t always get you business, but bad audio or visual will lose some.


I think in future fiverr will also add :+1: button like we see on social media plus the volume key of course.


I agree. On Chrome there’s no volume control on gig videos (other than on/off). On Firefox & IE there is.


I didn’t know, that’s interesting, I’m using Chrome exclusively for Fiverr since support always mentioned that Fiverr is optimized for Chrome when I contacted them about some technical issue.


…This Is How To “normalize” Gig Audio…
If you have Adobe Audition or the free Audacity, load the video or audio into that and select “normalize” from the effects menu. Change the DB level to -3 DB and apply. Save the file as .WAV.
Then load your video in a video editing suite and mute the original sound track. Add another sound track and drop and drag your .WAV file there. Then save the video. This is how you ensure the audio is not to quite or peak on all devices. You can also add a 3db limiter that will even out the audio and make loud parts and quite parts be better heard at lower volumes.
Or if your video edit suite allow you to normalize audio do it in the video suite.


Well, I do have Audacity but that’s a bit much hassle to watch/listen to Fiverr seller’s gig videos while browsing them. I don’t think the typical buyer will go to those lengths either.
It’s not a big issue, of course, but it would be nice if the sound stayed on or off or at my chosen volume, like when you watch several videos on YouTube.
According to what uk100 says, it’s like that on Firefox and IE anyway, so I guess I’ll be better off using those instead of Audacity.


That’s true. That’s what they say when I contact them too. I can’t log into Fiverr now with Firefox even though I used to use Fiverr with just Firefox (I think I read I’d have to do a total re-install of Firefox and lose existing settings). Logging in etc. with IE works though, like with Chrome (though the messaging section doesn’t look accurate with that like it does with Chrome).


I understand I’m just explaining how adjusting the overall volume levels can make it sound good regardless of where the volume is set.


Ah, okay, thanks.


Sorry I assumed you were referring to posting your own video


I would be happy to help advise you winter.


No problem, I was just a bit confused, it seemed like taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut. :slight_smile:


Lol more in to reply of winter’s post.


Thanks guys that’s really helpful.


The reality is if a seller hasn’t optimized their gig video so the volume is at a decent level, they probably don’t deserve your business. (I’m not sure if you’re browsing to actually buy other services, or just checking out the competition.)

Sellers who don’t optimize their gigs audio and/or video are missing out on sales, and probably should… That’s one of the major selection criteria for buyers.

If I have to turn up someone’s video, or it looks/sounds bad, no reason to pay attention when there are so many others who have it dialed in.

Sellers who don’t aren’t paying attention to some of the details that attract buyers… They may still get some sales, and can succeed, but they make it harder as they lose some potential buyers.


To buy, usually, and I don’t think the issue is that the sellers didn’t optimize their videos, they all are too loud for my purpose/tastes, the issue is not that I’d ever had to turn up someone’s video sound volume, I never had to, but that I can’t turn it down, I’ll either have to endure the full volume or turn it off completely.

As it is now, I usually turn the sound off, and I have to keep turning off, as it again is at full volume when I click the next gig/video. Not a big issue, as I said, it’s not as if I’d browse gigs all the time, but it’s annoying and I assume there are also other people working somewhere while they browse gigs, where it wouldn’t do to have them play at full volume, and the only alternative is no sound and keeping clicking no sound for every gig.

Apparently, there is a volume control in IE and Firefox, as someone posted above, so it would be nice to have that for Chrome too, and ideally if it would stay at one’s preferred volume, that’s all.


There’s also the volume control in windows (taskbar) so you could turn the windows volume control right down but still audible. But it would be better if Fiverr allowed the Chrome version to have a volume control too. You could still do the browsing in something like Firefox before you found a gig you wanted to buy. You could also use the sound mixer in windows to give Chrome a low volume I think.


I have music on while I browse, so I’d not really want to adapt my windows volume either, but that’s a good idea, I’ll try to keep it in mind for my next browsing/shopping spree, thank you.