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VOs who have raised/doubled their prices: are y'all getting orders?

I’ve had some really lovely comments/messages over the months from some of you saying that I should raise my prices. I have tried that in the past and my orders dropped out significantly - enough that my increase in prices didn’t make up for the loss in sales.

I’ve been really busy lately (4-5 orders per day) so I decided now would be a good time to try it, as I’ll need a break soon to rest my voice anyway. So I kept my base rate the same but doubled my increment price. I haven’t had any orders in 2 days now and have had quotes rejected twice.

So for those of you who have doubled their prices, how are you maintaining sales? I agree that my work is worth more, but if I’m not getting any orders I can’t pay my dang gas bill.

Oh also, most of my regulars disappeared around March, I’m assuming because their offices closed due to Covid. So I can’t depend on my regulars to get me through. Almost all of my orders in the last 2 months have been from unique sales.


As a former Fiverr voiceover, I have to say that one of the reasons I stopped selling voice services is because people generally weren’t prepared to pay what I considered to be the going rate for my time and skills.

A lot of the voiceovers I did (we’re talking between five and seven years ago) were for whiteboard videos which have (thankfully) gone out of favour now. But my point is that while there was a demand for my gig, sadly it was from very low budget productions. The moment I tried to increase my price, sales dropped away.

When you throw into the mix the fact that people often want things re-voiced once or twice (as how you interpreted the intonation of their script wasn’t how they heard it) - and suddenly a 15 minute (allowing for everything) / $10 gig becomes a nightmare.

The Fiverr marketplace is great for selling certain services. I’ll be honest and say I couldn’t make it financially work for me when it came to voiceovers. Maybe I wasn’t quite good enough, but I just attracted the $5 / $10 / $15 type of buyer at the time.

Good luck.