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VOTE: Fiverr needs our support - Webby Awards

Fiverr has been nominated for The Webby Awards for the Best Employment Website! :heart_eyes:

“The People’s Voice Awards is open for voting and we’d love your support to help us win. Vote for Fiverr before May 7th here.” - Fiverr. Source (Twitter)

Click on this below link to give your vote: :arrow_down: :arrow_down:

Fiverr wins, we win, Sellers, Buyers, Moderators, Admins, and every other staff who work on or for Fiverr. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
(I voted already) :hugs:
I hope the members who read this post will vote.

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I never heard of any of those others. That site wanted me to sign up and I’m tired of signing up all the time so a site can get my email and personal info.

How exactly would this help fiverr?


Hmm, :thinking: Yeah, it’s prompting me to sign up.

Um, so what do I get out of the deal? My vote is valuable. :grin:


It’s pretty straight forward:
Whoever gets most votes, wins. As simple as that.

I have known about webby awards before, it’s like an award system for the businesses or entrepreneurs or influencers or individuals who have good brand identity in the market.

Actually, nothing, Hypothetically, more business (a long shot). Suppose they win and then Fiverr will Flex it everywhere are it will create more buzz around the potential users and maybe they will come order from one of us. :grin:

Stackoverflow is on for this contest :wink:

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LOL, that’s what I figured. :laughing:
If I have time, I’ll sign up to vote but it’s tough to choose. :grimacing:

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Ha! …

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HAHAHAHAHA oops. :smile:

Did you sign up?

I try not to sign up for anything now if possible.

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What are we saying Fiverr is best for/at?

Anything… We can assume that it’s the best probably since no one has even heard of the others.

Increasing Employability. and that’s why it’s in the “Best Employment Website” category.

We are employed by fiverr. Who sends us the money? Who tells us the rules and enforces them? We might technically be called sub-contractors. From a legal standpoint we are not but the line is blurred a little.

Results are here: and Fiverr didn’t won. It was not even close.
SoFi” won and I don’t understand that website.