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Vote for Skrill as Payment System

How many of you here want skrill (MoneyBookers) as a payment processor in fiverr? Vote for skill in this post. [ Hope this helps to catch fiverr’s eye ]

Note: More payment options helps getting buyers more in the marketplace and this is important to add more payment processors in the marketplace, Which will help to increase buyers in the marketplace.
If you want to have Skrill as a payment processor Comment “I want Skrill”

Personally, I too would like to see Skrill and/or Bitcoin offered as a payment system on Fiverr, however, I really doubt that this will catch Fiverr’s eye. Fiverr is already aware of different payment options and some sellers preference for options such as Moneybookers. However, whether they decide to ever implement such a system is up to them.

In the meantime, it is possible to link the FIverr Payoneer card with a Skrill card in your name and transfer funds for 1.8%. In this case, you can have the best of both worlds. - This is what I usually do.

Also, Payoneer itself does have some benefits over Moneybookers in that in the EU, payments can be accepted from many international companies and businesses in much the same way as payments can be received by US and EU bank accounts.