VOTE - Funds Clear in a Week


[poll public=true] Should Funds Clear in a Week for Sellers With a Set Amount of Positive Feedback and Cancellation Percentage?

  • Yes
  • No


That sort of happens already if you consider that TRS generally have a lot of positive feedback and I think they have to maintain a low cancellation rate to remain TRS. i see what you mean, though. I don’t know if it’s feasible for Fiverr to offer some hierarchy there.

Like, 3 day clearance for TRS, 7 day for level 2, 14 day for level 1 and 30 day for level 0. (That’s just an example, I’m not really advocating anything.) Since TRS right now get one week clearance I don’t know if Fiverr would consider other options. :slight_smile:


Though, am new to FIVERR, does that mean, it will take 30 days for my pay to be cleared?


It takes 14 days for your payment to clear after an order has been marked as complete.


I am not sure they would consider. Worth asking for though.


its a great idea for funds to clear in a week but i think i have a better idea…I suggest fiverr should create a ‘RELEASE FUNDS’ button for buyers after they leave a positive feedback following a successful delivery so that sellers can have their funds in their wallet IMMEDIATELY.


What’s even the point of this poll?


Fiverr has a long cancellation rate so they can earn interest on it. Every other freelance platform is ‘same day’. Not Fiverr. Why would they change a money-maker?


It may be that combined with a method of fraudulent transaction prevention. Someone who wants to commit a big fraud using the payment methods would probably be stopped by the idea that it takes two weeks to get the money.


That’s a pretty good Idea actually. And it’s possible also.


But other sites do not have this in place. It doesn’t stop anybody, particularly since you can charge back on Fiverr for up to six months anyway. The only people that benefit from a 14 day withdrawal time (plus 3 days if not marked as complete) are Fiverr.