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(Vote in This Poll) What Improvements Would You Most Like to See to Fiverr Systems?

All, as per my previous thread, I just sent a number of suggestions for improvement to Fiverr’s systems that will be passed onto the Fiverr product development team.

I thought it would also be useful if we, as sellers, voted on the areas most likely to improve our experience of using the platform particularly as it relates to the metrics and targets we are measured against.

With this in mind, I would be very grateful if you could fill in the poll below, with the following in mind:

  • Please read through the previous thread to understand what each of these options relates to or the Google Doc. Don’t vote on this poll until you read that thread and understand the options below.

  • Please only select the options that will provide the greatest quality improvements to you as a seller, and the buyers you provide services too. I would limit the number of options you choose to a maximum of five or six.

  • Note that this is only for quality improvements related to metrics and targets. Changes to algorithms, promoting gigs, and all the other factors, while important, are not the subject of this poll. if you have suggestions for those, please post them to the relevant part of the forum.

Thanks! Love you!

  • Don’t Count Spam Communications in the Response Rate Measurement
  • Let Sellers Set “Availability Times” and Only Measure Response Rates During Those Times
  • Show Any Messages that Have Not Been Responded To Separately
  • Email, Text, or Otherwise Notify a Seller Six Hours Before They Are Likely to Breach the 24 Hour Communication Period
  • Limit the Number of Gig Multiples that Buyers Can Order
  • Provide Gig Limits Separately for Different Gig Packages in Each Gig
  • Protect Sellers When There is No Communication from the Buyer
  • Allow Sellers to Not Accept Orders on Certain Gigs Before the Buyer Contacts Them
  • Limit the Number of Modifications a Buyer Can Request.
  • Make it Impossible for an Order to Be Placed in the Event That a Buyer Doesn’t Supply Any Order Details
  • Allow Sellers X Number of Mutual Cancellations that Don’t Impact Order Completion Rate
  • Provide an Option to Automatically Extend Delivery Time
  • Provide More Detailed Analytics on Why We Are Not Meeting Fiverr Goals
  • Ask Sellers to Take a Basic Competency Test

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Okay, I picked “only” 6, but that was hard. :wink: Thanks for the collecting ideas, writing up and passing on.


Whoa! I think I’m done, chose 10 not much. :sweat_smile:


I think we have a clear winner on this one if only one would be implemented :eyes:


Let’s get some more response, gang!

Let’s try to get as many votes as this poll :wink:


Voted On 7 :unicorn:

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appreciate for this poll

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Thanks for the poll. Those are some interesting results. I wonder what changes/additions buyers would want.

Please, remove seller’s name from your post.

And you are able to read reviews before ordering, just go to seller’s profile.

Thank you Paul for the poll, I hope that they will implement some of the suggestions.

Just gonna give this a little bump in the hope you can share your opinion. Thanks!

Easily no.8 for me - " Allow Sellers to Not Accept Orders on Certain Gigs Before the Buyer Contacts Them"


I’m gonna throw a :monkey: :wrench: into the mix here. You know as a business person, there two sides to every coin: in this case, buyers & sellers.

Before 5r makes a decision, they have to ask themselves several critical questions:

  • By implementing this awesome feature every seller :heart: & wants, how will this affect our bottom line?
  • Will this chase away existing buyers?
  • Will this deter potential new clients from buying?
  • What will be the cause & effect?

What maybe good for 50% (sellers) maybe bad for the other 50% (buyers). They have to find a right balance.

I think 5r is headed in the right direction with some of the changes they have made. I’d like to see two things happen that will benefit both buyers & sellers alike.

  • Working to eliminate profiles with stolen/plaigerized materials, fake profiles (this goes for buyers too)
  • “Order by mistake” - that the buyer initiates has zero impact to seller. In order to prevent fraud, they should have what we call “Restocking fee” that I’m sure you’re familiar with, say 10% or even 5%? That way, sellers won’t be able to manipulate buyers into it and buyers will be careful about placing orders. Even if it’s 10 cents, people are more careful with thoughts of losing $$.

Gina, I am certain Fiverr will consider the impact on buyers (and many other factors) when deciding if, when, or how they are going to implement any of these changes.

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I see, then I shall politely bow out.

It’s just that I’ve see many sellers get really excited about a great idea and wonder why 5r won’t implement them. I’ve seen sellers literally beg over & over to see buyer’s review.

Giving my boss great ideas without the impact to our paying clients means I did half the work.

All of your ideas are fantastic from the sellers perspective, not so much from buyers perspective.

I know you probably feel like I’m stepping on your toes, but that’s not my intention. I appreciate you being logical and going out of your way to make 5r a better, more pleasant platform.

I tend to butt heads with at least half the posters here because I see things from buyers side and not sellers side, which makes me an outsider. I had to work hard to try belong here but after over a year and half, I honestly don’t feel like I belong.

Let’s face it, you fit in here way better than I do. My suggestions are downright ignored or politely dismissed on occasions. I appreciate that you at least acknowledged me.

Like I said, I will excuse myself from participating in this thread since it was set to get sellers opinions and not mine.

P.S. I did not vote, I didn’t want to mess up your stats. Good luck, I hope you are able to get everything you desire in order to make this a pleasant platform for all sellers.


Gina, I would never dismiss you :wink: My only intent in doing this was to pull information together following the level reallocation - I’m not getting any pay, compensation, or attention from Fiverr as a result… I don’t have a buyer’s perspective msyelf, but I would hope it is strongly baked into their product development methods.


I find it most interesting that:

  • 29% of voters have no issue with spam counting in RR calculations
  • 32% have no issue with buyers not communicating!
  • 37% dont mind if buyers dont supply order details…
  • 28% want to be allowed to just extend the delivery time whenever they want :smiley:

Your suggestions and ideas are very much appreciated, Gina. Buyers play a critical role, too. :heart:
You’re one of the BEST/most amazing buyers here… So, feeling ignored or your POV doesn’t matter is never a good thing.


Yep, I’m one of those :smiley:
My only problem is with the mutual cancellation and even that has happened once.
Although I guess I should vote for those. It’s probably a matter of time before I face the same issues.

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This doesn´t mean I do not have an issue with buyers not supplying order details, for instance, just I don´t have that problem often, so my 5-6 points were allocated differently. :slight_smile: