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Hello I think we should have a REPORT button for every gig created here on Fiverr. When a user/buyer or even other seller finds something about a gig they should see clearly and very easily a report button near the gig (like near the favorite icon or somewhere) to report it easily without having to fill a boring CS ticket. A lot of people avoid doing this because they don’t have enough time to fill the right categories into a CS ticket.
They should easily report a gig, when we click on that button we should describe the report reason in a few characters and press the send button and after that, someone from Fiverr could take action if it’s needed.

I saw some sellers who sells stuffs (actually images and videos) and they don’t own any kind of licenses or don’t have any rights to resell them so it would be fair enough to be deleted and what I’m trying to say we don’t talk about 2/3 people who actually do this, they’re lots, lots lots…

So, let me know what do you think, should we report easily gigs? Vote right now!

  • YES
  • NO

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I neither agree or disagree with it, but it does remind me of an incident.

A seller gave me stolen artwork (done by a M.I.T. student). I was 99% positive she was not the student. When I asked her about it, she gave me another stolen artwork done by a French designer.

After that I google searched and well what can I say, none of her work was original.


Also I wanted to purchase a bunch of vids for my fitness website, as I study law I asked the seller if he has full rights to deliver me the content, without having any kind of regrets told me No sir, I don’t have and I was like, why are selling this then? Not to mention that he is very close to become a Top Rated Seller :joy:

I don’t try to make people vote for YES, everybody has the right to decide but, if you want to hide yourself because you already know you’re somewhere in the middle you will mostly tend to say NO (my opinion)
For example all I sell is created by me and I am not hiding at all, I want everyone should have the right to report more easily, of course only well intentioned reports should be considered, not reports like: Delete this gig, it’s boring

Also I wanted to ask you @gina_riley2 did you take an action? do you reported this kind of behaviour?


I voted NO, and if you think I am trying to hide myself, then go and check out my services.

Your assumptions are baseless, your entire proposal is thoughtless, so good luck in this effort.


Unfortunately I can’t waste time but thanks for your opinion. Have a nice day

Why is Fiverr neglecting so many copyright infringements?

@serban95: Yes. It was the first time and the only time I’ve ever had to report someone. I felt kind of bad doing it at first, then realized perhaps the buyers who are unknowingly using stolen work is who I should feel bad about.


You souldn’t feel any kind of bad doing the right thing, selling a stolen work shouldn’t be boosted or encouraged in any kind of ways…
And yes, the buyers didn’t even notice they use stolen work because they think if they paid the seller they have full rights about the product which is totally wrong. Using stolen work can attract very serious legal problems especially if it’s used by a commercial entity.
Thanks for your sharing your experience, I appreciate it.


I doubt that Fiverr has enough staff to check every report that would be made that way.

Imagine a huge number of your competitors reporting your gigs claiming whatever.

Now imagine that happening to every successful seller: constantly getting reported by incompetent competitors, or buyers who didn’t get the moon yesterday and for $5, or…

Fiverr would need to take 110% of everyone’s earnings to hire enough staff to handle all the reports.


You’re right and didn’t thought so much about the staff to be honest but what if they implement a code or something and only people who actually placed/completed an order from that seller should be able to report it easily if something bad happens? would that help? what do you think? Im sure not everyone would like to waste money just to report other competitors lol, they just make them rich more:))
Thanks for your opinion and time


Buyers can cancel the order and state their reason for cancelling (now they also get to leave a private feedback that isn’t published and that the public doesn’t see, but the staff does), or they can leave a negative review and explain that the seller sold them, basically, stolen goods.


Thank you for clarifying. Best wishes!


I think a report button would generate too many reports to be handled well and would open the door to some abusive reporting. I think for the average user a CS ticket is fine and if it’s too much trouble, the situation isn’t serious enough. I am for the improvement of the offerings on Fiverr and hope to see more fake or dishonest sellers removed. I see evidence this is something Fiverr is concerned about too. I don’t think a general report button is the answer.


I disagree with this as well…Report Button will result to more of the useless reports then the genuine one…Buyers and sellers must communicate and try to figure out the issue mutually…CS must be considered only for the matters which cannot be handled…You have the report option at inbox so go for it if you want to.