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Vote! Vote! Need your Vote everyone (must participate just one click)

Hello everyone
Look at this gig and give your vote about that. Don’t ignore this just need your one click you can also give your suggestions.

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I was just about to vote when I saw the (must just one click) and I was like, what will happen if I don’t? :thinking:


Nothing will happen.
I’m just asking you.

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May be what he meant was word your sentences nicely. This is a global platform. It is always good to request rather than asking.

I’m just requesting to vote.

Why peoples are not voting?

Because it’s a public vote and everyone can see how everyone else voted?


My Fiverr Gigs is for you to tell people about your gig. And somehow when people are told they must participate in something for some reason a lot of them decide not to! :open_mouth:


Instead of asking people to vote you should post under “Improve my Gig” and ask for suggestions there.

Or are you doing this just to get clicks? Not quite sure what the point is.


Wow Mind blowing tip. :clap: May I know the source or are these your original words?

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Sorry, it could be better. Since i’m not a person to vote and then leave, I’ll give you some tips:

  • Answer your FAQ with more then a short short sentence. Maybe come up with some better questions aswell?
  • try different hastags to see what works.
  • Use a better profile picture. Maybe a real one or a logo?
  • create more gigs ( if possible). You’ll see more buyer request for starters.
  • look at other sellers similair to yours and try to learn from them

Good luck!

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sigh… people are falling over the word “must”… just help or don’t help. :hugs::hugs:

thanks for your suggestions i will try to improve.

Thanks a lot for your tips.
I’ll try to improve myself by using these tips.

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Out of the 213 views only 18 voted.
Why this is being happened?

I think forum is basically for the help of seller and buyers.
If someone is asking for help on the forum and one should can then he should have to consider it.

And mostly people voted without seeing gig. Just to discourage someone?

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We help people all the time!

I’ve explained why people might not want to participate in your poll - you’ve left it as public. Some people might not want to vote in case they hurt your feelings.

Why not just put up a post in the ‘Improve My Gig’ section, and ask people for help there? :sunny:

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same thing is everywhere even if it is ‘Improve My Gig’ section, or 'My Fiverr Gigs.