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I was just curious to know about how is your life with fiverr and how was it before fiverr? Do you regret to join fiverr? I mean you could have do a job with more pay or salary then why only you choose fiverr? In my case my parents don’t allow me to goutside that’s why I’m on fiverr. What about you? And how is your current life with fiverr? and last how do you manage it?

  • Fantastic and I never regrect
  • Good, but I leave fiverr if I found another high paying job
  • Fiverr is completely useless
  • It is good as long as your account doesn’t gets suspended
  • I’m always afraid of my account gets suspended
  • Fiverr is crap
  • I’m planning to leave fiverr
  • I only work to earn money that’s it!
  • I love to work with international people and to meet them!

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I worked hard so will be very glad if you could answer me?

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Uhh, a number of your poll answers are basically redundant.

“Fiverr is completely useless” and “Fiverr is cr**” are the same sentiment, as are “I’m always afraid of my account gets suspended” and “It is good as long as your account doesn’t gets suspended.”


hehe i just make what appeared in my mind

75% positive related to fiverr!

Well, my experiences on Fiverr have been fantastic and positive, and I got to talk to a lot of amazing people, and I will never regret that I started working here. It made me more confident, and I proved to myself that I could succeed. However, I do plan to leave within the next few years, so that is what I voted! I am not leaving for a job - just another venture that I am working on and am more passionate about.


You are right, but however, if you want to become rich with your skills, you have to leave fiverr. No one can become millionaire by offering services on fiverr only. I’m now also working privately and earning much more then I was working in fiverr.

First of all the benefit is no wait for 14 days, no fear of banning, free from any kinds of TOS and best of all no commission deduction