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VPN or Proxy usage as a seller

I’m currently an international student in China. As we all know, most of the international sites are blocked in the Chinese firewall. Fiverr works without any problem but when I try to download resources shared by clients from outside links such as dropbox or Mega, there’s no other way than using a VPN! Even the default fiverr cloud ( doesn’t respond a lot of time!

Therefore, I’d like to get your valuable opinion or suggestion on this matter…


Hello moinulhassan, beside this hope you having a great time in your studies in China. My recomendation is to contact support and inform them about your situation. They may consider & allow you to use a VPN. btw make sure you have scaned copies of your visa/passport /collage id etc to prove your cause. GoodLuck.


Thank you very much, Mod :slight_smile: And do you think I should ask the support to change my country as well? I’ll be living here for at least 4 years. The actual timing and the time on my profile is a bit off. Which causes a few buyers confusions who wants rush deliveries.

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This should be changed automatically by now. You can add this request too.

4 years is a very long time. I hope it pays off when you finish graduation.

Hopefully! Thank you very much for your positive feedback :slight_smile:

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They told me not to write buyer request to those who attach outside links! This isn’t what we call friendly behavior! :frowning:

Is the ticket marked as solved? if not you may do a follo up, let them know you are not happy with CS reply, if they can check your request again.