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VPN usage Issue


Is there any restriction regarding use of VPN? Does it hamper our account?


No. I’ve used VPN during my travels and it’s never been an issue.


If you’re a buyer I don’t know. But sellers should not use a VPN. As lying regarding your location is, I am pretty sure, against the TOS.


yes, i am a seller. I am thinking so, i have mistakenly used VPN in fiverr and it is asking me to verify my ID. Is it for the use of VPN or something else?


Go to customer support. We can’t help obviously, we are sellers or buyers ourselves. CS should be able to assist you with that.


If you type “using VPN” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which may be of interest to you.


My phone is automatic VPN thru Google. I don’t even really have a choice. As a seller I have yet to see an issue.