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W-9 form as a 14 year old

Hello, I’m 14, and looking to make money on the side. I have a paypal setup, etc. and would like to make youtube videos for anyone looking. Although, when making my gig, I am having issues with this W-9 form. I don’t know my SSN and do not know what most of this means. Any ideas?

Ask your mommy. Gotta admit, I made an account at 16 and I did the same thing.
“Mommy, what’s a W-9 Form?”
“Why would you need a W-9 for Fiverr?”
“I don’t know, they just said they won’t let me in unless they have that and my SSN?”
“Ask your dad.”
Dad: …

As the_mad_duck said, it’s best if you can have your parent(s) guide you through the process. For information’s sake, the W-9 is a tax form, so the government takes some of what you got paid later on as taxes.
For the information, you can enter “Individual” for entity type (I’m assuming you’re not a business), and then your address/SSN.

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More info, if they need it!

(And if you are earning income, they’ll need to know anyway, for their own taxes.)


I would strongly advise you to talk to your parents for guide on W-9 form process on Fiverr platform. Please take a look at the link imagination7413 provided on here.

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