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W-9 Form Not working

Got an email that I need to fill out a w-9 but when I click the link, it’s a blank page. Anyone else have this experience?

Phishing scam, I think. Fiverr is a platform not an employer …

Make very sure all links in emails are genuine before giving any information at all - if you hover over the link, look at the bottom left of your screen, where the link should show …

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Its not a phishing scam and everyone is going to start seeing this with a bar across the top of the page.

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If it leads to a blank page, it’s a phishing scam …

And Fiverr would be notifying us all if we have now to fill them in …

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It is definitely not a scam. Every US based seller is going to get the email, and will start seeing the orange banner at the top of their page starting today.

For what it’s worth, the stupid orange banner stays put, even after you fill out the form… Which is the most Fiverr thing ever. :slight_smile:


OP said he got an email. It’s a scam email …

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Kindly, where did you get this info from?

This was an official Fiverr email.

There was a small glitch with the W9 page right away, but it’s fixed now.


Can we something about that orange banner? It doesn’t seem to want to go away…

Please do not click on that anymore, It may have expired or It is not valid.

I am closing this conversation. For all W-9 related questions, please see this discussion thread: W-9 US Verification Requirement

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