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W-9 Form Update wont work

I just signed up for Fiverr because I want to start doing art for money and I was working on my first gig post. I began the W-9 form update thing and I filled out my information like where i live and my name and stuff but it doesn’t let me continue. I keep clicking the “next” button to get to the tax forms questions but it doesn’t do anything. Now I can’t even post a gig. any help?


I had that happen and I just spammed the next button. Then it loaded more of the w-9 form so I filled that out. Still wouldn’t let me click next so a few next button spams later, the option to type in my SSN(which was underneath the bottom of the Fiverr page). Then it let me click next. It said everything was completed but now when I try to publish it, I get sent back to redo my W-9, even though I’ve gotten the confirmation that it is done. Thankfully I don’t have to refill it out but I can’t publish my gigs.


I had filled out my W-9 as well, and it keeps saying that I still need to. Did I miss a deadline, or…? My gigs are still paused.

I am also having this problem. I can’t get past the 1.Address page in the W9 form because the Next button is not a link. It is just a button that does nothing. Did fiverr take the link off or mess something up in the code? It’s pretty frustrating. I’ve tried 4 times already and it is still not fixed.

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I’m having the same issue and can’t publish a gig. Really annoying.

“Next” button seems to be a link that does nothing.