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W-9 US Verification Requirement

Hi Everyone,

In the next few day, some of you will see that we (Fiverr) will be asking sellers who are defined as a US Person* to complete a W-9 form regarding their activity on Fiverr.

You will receive a notification on the Fiverr website and an email message asking you to check your status within 30 days, in a form of a short questionnaire.

If in fact you are classified as a US Person*, you will undergo a short process in which you will fill in Form W-9 that contains standard business information to include your contact information, full address and tax forms.

Fiverr will not use the information submitted as part of filling the Form W-9 for any purpose, apart from sending a 1099 form at the end of the year to the applicable tax authorities and update your billing address on Fiverr.

Please note that all sellers are required to check if they need to fill out a Form W-9, regardless of their place of residence. By not doing so, within 30 days, your Gigs will be subject to automatic deactivation.

Please read this article carefully for all the information.


Why are you doing this?

When Fiverr is required under applicable laws, it will send a 1099 form at the end of the year to the applicable tax authorities. Currently, this applies to US-based sellers who earned at least $20,000 in that year and had at least 200 separate orders.

Is “tip” considered a transaction?

Any transaction, including tips is counted toward the 200 transactions. An order and a tip are each seperate transatctions.

Is this for money earned or money withdrawn?

Money earned.

Will Fiverr will start to display our legal names anywhere, or is this all internal only?

In certain circumstances, we may disclose the data in your W-9 form, with applicable US tax authorities, or as otherwise required by applicable law. None of this information will be displayed publicly on Fiverr.

Please leave additional questions below.

*For a definition of “US Person” please read more here:


Got an email that I need to fill out a w-9 but when I click the link, it’s a blank page. Anyone else have this experience?


So does this mean that fiverr will send out 1099 forms to us at the start of the new year? Or will we see these on the website? We are required to send copies of a 1099 to the IRS with our taxes. Taxpayers are sent copies of the 1099 either in the mail or shown on a website to be copied.


***I looked in my settings and found this:***

My guess is that this section will also show the 1099 when it becomes available at the start of the new year. Hopefully in January 2021.


I’ve the question though, Is it mandatory for every US seller ??

It’s good information to share with us, Hope everyone those are real US seller will be fill up the forms. Happy Freelancing


Yes, that is what @mjensen415 said. I just realized that this might put a stop to all of the fake US accounts! :rofl:


I’m totally agree with you that stopped all of the fake accounts. Fiverr is going to stay with only the real sellers.


I was thinking the very same thing. With this requirement, there is no possible way for fraudsters to keep pretending they are from the USA. Now, to have USA listed on their profiles, they have to legally prove it, and pretenders in other parts of the world aren’t going to be able to do that. They’ll either have to be listed with their native country, or their accounts will be banished from Fiverr.

This will likely be a win-win for all buyers and sellers on Fiverr.


" win-win for all buyers and sellers on Fiverr."
Really Love the Words.


The W-9 requirement would possibly mean the US Fiverr users would not need to validate their accounts. :thinking:


Now fiverr will fire all traitors with good judgment. like it


that´s great! :slight_smile:


" win-win for all buyers and sellers on Fiverr."
Really Love the Words.

that´s great!


I see you have the W-9 showing on your account even though you are in India. So far it looks like everyone has that. I wonder if everyone will see the W-9 form when it comes out or only U.S. persons.

It would be interesting if every seller has that form, no matter what country they are in.
Or if they show they are in US when they aren’t then make up an SS number. :grimacing:


Initially, It’s only for US seller. May be later, We everyone have to go for it.


I’m wondering if you see the W-9 when you look at your account setting. Do you have it? I assume you are not in the US so I wonder if everyone has that or only US persons.

I see a seller in India has it.


Yes, I have that but now it’s now only for US.


Yes, I am from India I hope it will good for us in Upwork need to fill this for non-usw8


I think everybody can see the option, but only U.S. people can access it.
I’m from Italy and I have the option, but I can’t fill the form.