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W-9 US Verification Requirement

I am from the US. I have filled out the W-9 Form correctly and received an email from Fiverr stating

You’re all good for now

Hi quickknastyy,

Thanks for filling out Form W-9! If your Gigs were paused, we’lll reactivate them immediately.

We’ll let you know if you need to take further action after reviewing your information.

The Fiverr Team"

Yet I still cannot publish my gig. The Publish button is greyed out. I’ve contacted support. Has anyone else had this happen? Not a good sign being a new member of this site and experiencing bugs before publishing my first gig.

Same problem here. My publish button is greyed out even after receiving the emails that the W-9 was filled out successfully. Seems like this W-9 form is still kind of new and has some SERIOUS bugs that need to be worked out. You would think that with the platform being so successful it wouldn’t have gone on this long, but here I am… waiting for a ticket from support to be answered lol.