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I’m a business and when I hire if I spend more than $600 with a company, I send them a W-9 to fill out so I can send them a 1099. If I don’t then, I can’t deduct it as paid out income and not profit. How do I find out where they are located or talk to support directly. There isn’t a phone number or location but they claim they have US offices?

My accountant told me not to worry about that.

I doubt you will be able to talk to them directly. They don’t give out phone numbers.
They are in New York I think.

Hello, You can try talking to Fiverr Customer Support through this link -->

Fiverr HQ is in Tel Aviv, Israel. They have smaller offices in some U.S. cities like New York City, San Francisco and Florida. I would guess that financial affairs might be handled in Israel, but I’ve never heard of them issuing a W-9 since each seller is an independent, not a Fiverr employee. 80% of what you pay on Fiverr goes directly to the seller and is not paid to Fiverr.

All communications are handled by email, not phone, and to reach them you should go through Customer Support. You can get an invoice as follows:

Actually we should send the W-9 to fiverr and then send them a 1099 since technically it is us paying them.

I quite don’t understand, who are “they”? I may guess you’re talking about fiverr officials yet not sure. If so, you ought to contact support by the link given to you by theratypist. You may try to do it in an easy fashion, just sending them the link to the fillable w9 form or the same one by the IRS. Yet not sure you need to send them w9 exactly if HQ is placed in Israel - then it would be w8ben instead

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