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W*** Fiverr?! No orders for 2 months, One Time Delivery Down to 50%?!

I am so angry and fed up with this site to be honest… Fiverr 3.0 destroed my main Gig, I haven’t had a single order since February (I’ve updated my tags, description and images).

The last order February 23th, it was late due to the buyer not responding to my messages. I contacted CS and they stopped responding to my ticket when I called them out on their buyer bias BS; so I’m not going to bother contacting them this time.

My On Time Delivery went from 100% down to 75% due to that order but now without any order whatsoever it’s been dropping steadily for the last couple of months, now down 75% to 65% a few days ago and it’s at 50% W#$%?!

Is this happening to anyone else?

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Please wait for two months… its automatically fix…

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It’s been two months already…

As time goes by, without new orders the rate drops.
The percentage is based on the last 60 days.
If you have 1/5 late in the last 60 days its 80% on time.
As time goes on, one of those 5 falls outside the 60 days so it becomes 1/4 that is late, meaning you drop to 75% and so on. Without new orders it will continue to drop.


Unfortunately, it has not been 2 months since that late delivery. So, it will still be counted against your analytics, and of course, if you do not have any new orders to deliver to offset or improve this, it will continue to go down.

The good news (even though I am sure most would have a hard time seeing a silver lining here) is that it should be reset by the May 15 review/levels period.

When you have a buyer who is not responding to messages and the timer is clicking away, which will make you late, it is best to use the Resolution Center to ask for a time extension. If they still do not respond, I would then contact CS and ask them to cancel the order for you in a way it would not impact your delivery stats. The reason CS stopped responding to you is because it sounds like you got frustrated and snippy with them - and just like any CS rep, they do not have to take abuse. Yes, it is frustrating to feel they always side with buyers, but, I think you might have tried to handle your communication with whom you wanted help from better.



Thank you for responding, I will wait until May 15th and hope my statistics go back to normal.

I extened the order twice but the buyer was still slow responding to my messages - we agreed to disagree and the order was completed.

Yes I got snippy with them and I could’ve handled it better; I’ve seen so much buyer bias on Fiverr from the forum and I wanted to call them out on it (to no avail obviously).


There is no such problem in my fiverr ID. I think it is a bug of fiverr. I hope fiverr will fix it very soon.So keep calm and don’t worry about it.

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Thanks, I really hope it is a bug.

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Of course this is a bug. Because I believe fiverr never does injustice to sellers. So there is nothing to worry about. :blush:

Unfortunatley Fiverr (Customer Support) can be very unfair to sellers and I wouldn’t put it past them to be honest.

But saying that I have also seen a similar thread a few minutes ago, so I am optimistic that it may be a bug.

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Dont’t worry. It will be fixed soon.keep Calm:)

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