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W9 Forum, I am underaged and dont understand this

Ok, so today I made 3 acounts and deactivated 2 of them because it asked me to fill a w9 forum. Now the problem is im 15 and I have no idea what any of the things on it mean. Im not sure but I made an account around 2 years ago and it didnt ask for this. Can someone help me out with understanding why and if I should fill it out?

You are only allowed to have one Fiverr account.

Check this out: W-9 US Verification Requirement

My other 2 accounts are deleted. I dont use them. I thought that maybe I pressed something to make me get that.

I look at the link, does that mean I have to fill out the forum? I genuinely dont know what anything on it means.

I know somebody who is under 21 and they had to fill out a W-9 Form, so they just asked their parents, and their parents filled it out for them!

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May be a problem since they dont trust many things but ill give it a shot. ;-;

When I worked in high school I had to fill one out. I think mainly you need a social security number which even babies can get.