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W9 - Not US person but in US?

Hi! I noticed when asked to fill out the W9 form there are two options:

  • No. (For anyone not in the US)
  • Yes. (For any US person)

I am not a US person by the definition of IRS. I am a non-resident alien currently living in the US (and will be in the following 3-5 years).

Do I need to fill out the W9 form?

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If youvdo not living USA you on click crucial No

Hey, hope you are doing well.

For W9 form, it is clearly mentioned by Fiverr that “US person (As Defined By IRS)”.
And “As Defined by IRS” a * Nonresident alien individual is a Foriegn Person.

So if you are a Nonresident alien individual living is US currently, you are considered as a foreigner not US resident, so just click “NO”.

Hope this helps.
Thanks a lot