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W9 verification for US persons living abroad

Hello everyone!

My question is about the W9 form: I am a US person, but I do not reside in the US. There seems to be no option for people in my position.
I clicked on “I am a US person”, then filled in my address, but was taken to a page that told me, “You are not a US person”. Stumper.
What I ended up doing was putting my permanent address, which doesn’t match what the IRS has on file, in order to access the W9 form itself. I then filled out the W9 with my foreign address, and clicked “confirm” when the page told me that my address could not be found.

I’m not sure the verification will go through - even though the IRS has no problem with my foreign address, Fiverr might. I am also not sure how I will receive the 1099 when the time comes. Is this going to be mailed or sent digitally?

Is anyone else having this problem?


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That’s definitely a puzzler. Have you already opened a ticket with Customer Support?

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I didn’t open a ticket, as I was waiting to find out if my workaround would be successful or not. It worked out OK for me - but the issue remains for those who no longer have a US address.

I think they mean where you live and pay your taxes, not where you hold citizenship or were born.

Most definitely - but all US citizens must file taxes in the US in addition to where they live, if abroad. It doesn’t mean we necessarily pay twice, but we definitely report twice.

I emailed Fiverr support about this and they were remarkably unhelpful. They told me to declare that I’m not a US taxpayer for tax purposes. This seems like exceptionally bad advice.