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Waddup Fiverr Family

Hey everyone, hope ya"ll are having an amazing quarantine and wish none of ya’ll have caught the virus.

Well my name is Ron(yeah just like in Harry Potter), I’m from India(major stereotypes coming in…) Well it’s my first time on Fiverr and I’m loving the community a lot already(even tho no sales). Well I have always been into Short Film Making and stuff and the quarantine got me real bored so I was like why not try this and here I am :laughing: If ya’ll need any tips when it comes to film making feel free to hit me up and chill ya’ll don’t have to pay :joy: so tell me how’s your Quarantine going


hi @ronjoek welcome to fiverr hope you get your first order very soon!! :smiley:

@aman309 Thanks a lot manh, appreciate it

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Im introvert and my life before/after quarantine didn’t changed so much really :joy_cat: