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Wahhooo! i got the notification you are nominated for TOS


today i am so happy and glad to let know that today i got the notifications you are nominated for the TOS and we will review your account within 48 hour.

so i don’t know what will be happening will be i get the TOS badge??

Best regards,


None of us can confirm this for you, since Fiverr makes the determination, and will let you know within 48 hours. You might earn TRS, or you are more likely to remain at Level 2. Fiverr does not promote everyone who qualifies for TRS.


I never got a nomination to become a Terms of Service.

Know that everyone who is level 2 and fulfill the requirements to TRS, will be nominated for TRS. I got this every month but still didn’t became TRS

TRS are handpicked, but I wish you luck.


I didn’t find your profile. I searched your profile from here: and it says, “This page is no longer available.”