Wahoooo! Watermark even in Order Page


Hi everyone, hope doing great
Fiverr has introduced many outstanding features like beep, last seen, Advertisement etc including a watermark even on that samples you(sellers) are sending in order page as a sample. If a buyer download that sample for any purpose he/she will face a watermark on it, how cool is this :slight_smile:, I should say Fiverr saved my hard work being stolen. I like it because I was thinking to design my own logo for watermark to use on my samples. Anybody know about it or your buyer asked you in this regard.


someone said that the watermark doesn’t work on mobile version


He/she is right may be. I tried to explain what my buyer said.


@phantompower, the mobile version images are really small enough to make them unusable so, there is nothing to worry about. Fiverr watermark feature still works great, that topic OP hadn’t posted any screenshots where her buyer sent the image to him without the “Modification Required” button…


@taverr Yes you are right the watermark in delivery section is introduced in March 2016, I am talking about when a seller submit a sample in order page (not delivering the final work). Hope you get my point


Pro : You can now rest assured that every image you send to the buyer in the order page will be protected.
Con : You will need to use the Inbox when you need to send an image to the buyer without the watermark.

And the winner is…

Obviously Pro :tada:

Thanks for making this topic @designer_pro2 :slight_smile:


Dear @taverr I was wondering about my work being stolen as I mentioned in my topic and was planning to design a watermark for myself even if I submit a sample to choose in order page.


I was thinking if Fiverr applies/include a withdrawn option for sellers. I am working different places one of them have option like that “withdrawn”.


I don’t see the watermark in any image that I attach on the order page. :neutral_face:


because you are a seller not a buyer, the buyer will see the watermark on it(on download).


I beg to differ check this out The watermark feature - issues with the mobile app That image is most definitely not low quality. Also this one Can a buyer download the final delivery images without watermarked?


That’s because there was no modification on that order. I even said in a comment “for example” because it happened with past orders and I wouldn’t waste time finding the exact orders just to get a screenshot. I was explaining one of the things that made me figure it out.

You got really caught up with the modification thing and failed to see the big story.

I posted a screenshot from the order from that day with the completed work and the buyer’s social media post. That’s a repeat buyer and they always post the image on their social media right when I deliver it.

I don’t know why you’re so keen on denying this when there are people who experienced this issue? :slight_smile:


Like this topic, I don’t know if the OP is correct about the watermark on Attachments thingy but I definitely don’t see it in my orders. (Perhaps on certain categories?) :slight_smile:


I am in a designing field and my buyer asked me that when I(buyer) download the file(for any purpose) there is Fiverr watermark on the images(these were the samples sent in active orders not in delivery).


As I have already posted a suggestion if it gets NOTICED that if Fiverr included an option for the seller to withdraw the entry/sample already sent by a seller on active order it would be great for the sellers to save their work from being stolen. It is a suggestion maybe someone has a good solution in this regard.


does fiverr watermark work in a writing niche?


Yes it works for all niche I guess.


Thanks for taking your time to reply me
Can you tell me how I’ll activate


this is very good for seller


yes, of course, it is.