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Wait a minute...I have to wait to Level Up?


I’ve been utilizing all your tips to Level Up, and I finally made 10 orders with 100% gig rating (see my profile here:

! However, I didn’t get any Level Up notification, so I reread the levels page:

You’ve been active on the site for 30 days and completed at least 10 orders while maintaining excellent ratings and a great track record

I’ve only been on the site for 22 days, however I have read posts on sellers that have leveled up almost immediately (see recent post by jayapatel here:

Am I missing something? :frowning:


Yes sorry it looks like it. I just reached Level 1 today. I thought it was automatic after getting the gig but there was a slight lag. It’s well worth the wait. Congratulations on your achievement! :slight_smile:


@aurorar no one can be promoted as you said. You should wait for more 8 days to become level1 seller. And about her progress, see her profile. She had an old profile. i just checked it.

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Only 8 days more…? I’ve got 18 days to go and I’ve already got 8 gigs under my belt =) Can’t wait! Congrats to you my friend =)


Reply to @sheikhsabayyal: aha! Thank you, that’s where my main confusion lay.


You seem to be expressing attitude rather than gratitude that the advice you found here worked and worked quickly?

Further, there are a goodly number of threads that explain that level 1 for SURE requires 30 days, but level two may or may not require 60 (but seems to require being level 1 qualified first).

Having said that, congratulations on all the sales and use this time to promote heavy for your “Just 8 more days at these prices”.


In two weeks if you keep up the great work you should be at Level 2, good luck with your gig(s)


Good luck, I’m hoping for Level 2 in the future as well!




Reply to @hotwebideas: Thanks! In the meantime I’m working on ways to increase exposure; I decided to put up a professional headshot instead of a generic picture.