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Wait a trillion hours to give another like on the forum?


I just got this message:

You’ve reached the maximum number of likes today. Please wait 418398.57832063717 hours before trying again.

I’ve actually given about 6 today.


I’d like your post, but it wouldn’t show! It’s a wee bug I think. :bug:


Thank you, I thought it was just me.

The number changes each time I try to give a like.


Seems to be happening to all of us I think - have one of these: :purple_heart:


Let me test it out…
added… Mine looks like it’s vice versa, I think your like were transferred to my account


Same here… :heart_decoration:


:rofl: need more maximum likes of number.


I am now able to give likes again… :heart: to everyone!


@misscrystal woohoooo :tada::tada::heart:


I know how it feels to be heartless :broken_heart:
Waiting for refills is like :boar: